Lauren comes from a long line of musicians with gospel, country, rock and blues embedded in her soul. Since her time with American Idol she signed with Copeland Entertainment and has performed many shows from AR to CA. Fronting for stars, such as 38 Special, The Ohio Players, Jack Ingram, John Conley, Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, Sonny Burgess and the Pacers, JR Rogers and the Allstars and many more. Also, performing at many festivals and fundraisers over the last six years, with her father along with John Brown and Lee Butler, The Mike Gray Band. In 2014 while residing in CA she performed at all Toby Keith Bar and Grills in Southern CA, with the Gold Rush Country Band, and made appearances for numerous fund raisers and red carpet events. This spring she performed solo on the Vestell Village Stage at the Cochella Festival in Southern CA.

about lauren gray

Being a working musician in her family's band since age 15, Lauren knows music and the industry well.

The Grays are a tight-knit family that works together and plays together and loves all things music and outdoors. Lauren loves to write music and connect and promote other local musicians and businesses in any way she can.

Lauren often travels to Los Angeles to record new singles and original songs. When not recording, Lauren is always looking for ways to bring people together through her music. She loves playing shows with her father Mike Gray and his band.

Check out Lauren's Social Media platforms to stay in touch with upcoming shows, dates, events, and sponsorship offers. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lauren directly!